Home improvement loan- Success Story

Hofokam has been supporting Home Improvement loans. With Financial support from Soluti Finance East Africa,the uptake of loan is very high. The loan targets low income earners who are trained in incremental housing techniques and financial literacy. Several customers have benefited from this arrangement like Mrs.Bahemuka Imelda, a widow from Kacwamba trading centre.Mrs Bahemuka recalls the day in 2001 when Hofokam loans officer came to her and convinced her to join other  women to form a group ‘‘i thought they are the usual people who keep filling forms for selfish gains’’. She received about ten loans from the group and letter graduated to individual lending by taking a housing loan which has enabled her to put up two housing units one completed and the other still under construction. These are now providing her social security. The dream of active poor has been realized through partnership thanks to Soluti funding.

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